Welcome to Level 10 Technology

Level 10 Technology Group is a privately held, Clarksville, Tennessee based Managed IT Service Provider specializing in Cybersecurity. Founded in 1996 as DogHouse Computers, we pride ourselves in our humble beginnings as a family owned business that got its start in the home of Founder, Tom Denney.

We found incredible success in computer repair. However, over time technology evolved, networks became more complex and interconnected and security threats more prevalent. Simply repairing computers was no longer effective.  We committed to a more proactive approach to providing our clients with the most reliable, safe networks possible.

We became more than a computer repair shop, therefore our name no longer fit.  In November 2018, we rebranded ourselves as Level 10 Technology.  We took careful consideration in choosing a name.  When we focused on our core values and the feedback we received from current clients, it always came back to service.  It became clear that our name needed to represent that.  The number 10 is culturally accepted as the best and highest level of achievement.  That is what we continually want our employees and clients to reach.  We promise to continually strive to reach Level 10.

Our team has had the unique privilege of working with clients in a variety of industries and understands the key drivers that make local companies successful and more importantly, business technology systems secure and will continue to do so as Level 10 Technology.

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