Why Xerox?

You get the benefit of dealing with one of the largest copier manufacturers in the world, along with the support of the local Xerox Sales Agent, Karen McGinnis, who has served our area for over 24 years.  Level 10 wanted to partner with someone who would take great care of their customers, while having equipment that is secure and cutting edge.

Best Products Available

Choose from a complete line of Office Multifunction Laser Printers (MFPs) that are your copier, printer, scanner and fax machine all in one. MFPs bring cost savings, ease of use, security and efficiency to your work, both in and out of the office.

Easy to Get

You can buy the equipment with a service plan including toner, drums and everything you need except paper. Or, you can lease the equipment the same way and choose your term of lease. Competitive Leasing Rates are available directly from Xerox Financial Services.

Easy to Deploy and Install

A Xerox analyst comes onsite at install to take care of everything from delivery to network configuration, wireless printing, loading print drivers and setting up your scanning. We provide training at the same time so everyone is up and going immediately.

Easy to Operate

The Xerox family of products offers true tablet-like functionality that allows you to configure jobs by scrolling, just like a tablet! Its intuitive design is simple to use, resulting in fewer clicks to complete a job and less time spent at the printer. The user screen is app-driven and task-specific, allowing you to customize it to fit your business preferences by allowing you to place the most used Apps front and center.

Easy to Support

Level 10 can make setting changes for your Xerox equipment via our exclusive Remote Control Panel. The machines submit their own meter reads automatically and toner will be shipped automatically to your location.

Easy Remote Printing

With Xerox Mobile Solutions, wherever work takes you, you can easily communicate, connect and print to your office Xerox. Local network printing is also supported for IOS and Android devices, such as phones and tablets.

Level 10 Technology
recommends Xerox for all your Print, Copy, and Scanning needs

Super Secure

Security is critical to every business, and they take it seriously at Xerox. Multifunction printers (MFPs) are equipped with several secure print features to protect your organization's most sensitive data. Our software and apps ensure digital data is safeguarded as you share it via the cloud and mobile devices. Keep confidentiality high and costs low with our multi-layer security solutions that monitor printers and user activity, manage document costs internally and externally, prevent unauthorized access to data and printers, and protect your critical content.

Powerful Expandable Features using Apps

Xerox Apps, and the Xerox App Gallery allow for an ever growing array of new features and capabilities. Add Apps to the Copier, just like your cell phone or tablet. There are dozens of Apps available, such as scanning and printing documents directly to and from cloud storage services, such as Office 365, Dropbox, Google Drive, MS OneDrive, and even scan directly to MS Word and Excel formats. With the touch of a button you can turn a pdf back into a Word document or a printed spreadsheet into an Excel file.

Web Enabled Printing and Scanning

Web Based Apps allow for direct interface to back office applications like Quickbooks and others. Xerox can even translate documents at the Copier. With Xerox Easy Translator, you can scan in a document, and instantly Translate into one of 57 Languages as easy as making a copy. Images and document formatting stays in tact, and only the text is Translated into the target language. A translated version MS Word document is also e-mailed to the user.

We can even Manage your non-Xerox Printers

With Xerox Managed Print Services (MPS), we will monitor your networked print devices, supply toner, maintenance kits, and provide on-site service for a low monthly charge and a per copy click charge. No more running to the store, or overnight shipping expenses for toner. We currently provide supplies and support for over 1,000 different printer models. The end result is less headache, and more importantly, it will save you money.