Email & Spam Protection

Don’t let email get the better of your business!

Spam and malicious emails are not only inconvenient but also present a potential danger to your IT security. Dangerous email attachments and identity theft are causing harm in the billions.  Email filtering from Level 10 Technology identifies this type of email and protects your company from criminal activities, financial loss and data theft.

Doing without email is no longer an option - but neither is ignoring the perils that you may face without adequate protection.

Phishing, viruses and malware - these and many other potential vulnerabilities are just waiting to catch your business unaware the next time you open your inbox. The damage caused by attacks of these types can be immense - but Level 10 Technology’s Email and Spam Protection services can help keep danger at bay.

Email and Spam Protection services by Level 10 Technology allow you to:

  • Ensure Security - Inbound/Outbound protection from spam, viruses, and malware.
  • Enforce Content Policies - Easily quarantine messages which contain offensive or sensitive content (such as social security or credit card numbers).
  • 2-click Quarantine Release - Daily email security reports that summarize email stats and streamlines quarantine release.
  • Painless Encrypted Email - User-friendly, ultra secure encrypted email with no plugins or apps.

Always be one step ahead against attackers waiting to pounce.

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