Are you paying through the roof for your computers? Is your support provider forever at your premises, getting in your way and racking up more charges? Have you wondered if there is another way to fix your technology troubles? As a Shield 10 Services customer with Level 10 Technology- our Business Services can save you from downtime doldrums, and cut expenditure too.

It’s quite simple - you need your system working, and you need to keep IT costs to a minimum. Both goals are within reach with Shield 10 Services by Level 10 Technology.

We move the focus from responding to IT emergencies to preventing them from occurring in the first place. By proactively monitoring your systems and identifying and fixing potential concerns before they actually crop up, we enable you to enhance uptime, drive greater productivity and cut the amount you spend on maintenance.

Managed IT with Shield 10 Services offer:

Non-stop monitoring

We’re watching your systems around the clock.

Proactive maintenance

Problems fixed before they really exist.

Non-intrusive services

We work remotely or overnight to minimize disruption.

Flat-rate packages

All-inclusive services that allow you to truly predict costs.

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