Careers at Level 10 Technology

Our passion is to build a great company with great people and great results!

We like each other and really like what we do. We value our employees. We live and breathe core values in everything we do – holding each other accountable, trusting one another and working toward one unified goal of delivering worry free technology that protects and grows our clients’ business.

Joining the Level 10 Technology team is an awesome opportunity for someone who:

  • Wants a company that truly CARES about its employees and clients
  • Loves a fast-paced, NO DRAMA environment
  • Is extremely detail oriented and appreciates PEOPLE who take an organized, systematic approach to achieving success
  • Likes to contribute ideas and be part of a team of TRUE professionals
  • Is RESULTS driven

Level 10 Technology Core Values


If you are interested in joining our team, take a look at the currently opened positions available at Level 10 Technology:

We Have An Urgent Need For A TRUE Outside Sales Pro With At Least 5 Years’ Experience In Closing Business-To-Business Sales

If you are a TRUE SALES PRO…a CLOSER …a salesperson who ISN’T AFRAID or too timid to ask for the order…who doesn’t get emotional when they’re told “no” …who is unabashed about getting a prospect to BUY…who is HUNGRY to work someplace where you can make six figures, without a cap and without all the other B.S. you have to deal with at most companies, read on.

I’m looking for an Outside Sales representative who is not afraid to SELL and CLOSE a deal. I realize that eliminates about 99% of the people reading this, who are too soft, too afraid, too timid and carrying too much baggage to close sales. But if you ARE in the 1% who THRIVES on closing sales and making money, we need to talk.


  • For starters, you have true potential to make a lot of money. We won’t screw with your commission, cap you or jerk you around by finding ways to get out of paying you the commission you’ve earned.
  • Second, we’re a fabulous technology solutions firm that knows how to presell prospects and give you tools that help you close sales.
  • Third, you’ll work with a great team of people that loves to have fun while growing a business.

I know that GREAT salespeople are extremely rare, so when we find one, we’ll treat you right, with the respect, support and earning potential you deserve. And finally, we’re constantly GROWING. If you’re “entrepreneurial,” you’ll be super-excited about the many opportunities we’re swimming in. We just need to find the right person.

This is a full-time position based in our Clarksville, TN office. Compensation is base salary + commissions. As an employee, you will qualify for our fully paid health insurance package and cell phone bonus. You MUST be based within driving distance and a US citizen (sorry, no exceptions). This is an awesome opportunity for someone who:

  • Loves a faster-paced, NO-DRAMA environment where office politics, backstabbing, gossip and negativity are NOT tolerated.
  • Wants to work at a company where we will invest heavily into your personal and professional development, as well as into marketing to assist you in closing and selling.
  • Appreciates people who take an organized, systematic approach to achieving success. We have real PROCESSES in place, along with metrics, scripts and tools, to help get you up to speed FAST in selling.
  • Likes the idea of working for a smaller (but growing) company where your ideas and contributions directly impact the company’s success, direction and growth.
  • Is a quick, self-motivated learner who wants to work for a company that will invest in your education.

Wants a position that will offer upward earning and career advancement; we want people who are interested in growth, learning and becoming part of our team long-term.

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